dentist puts inhalation sedative mask on his patient. Sedation dentistry

Calming the Jitters With Sedation Dentistry

dentist puts inhalation sedative mask on his patient. Most dentists work hard to ensure that their patients are comfortable and have peace of mind while meeting their oral health needs. But for some people, a trip to the dentist can be a stressful experience for many reasons. Here at Carolina Dental Care, we have gone the extra mile to ensure our patients have a quality experience. If going to the dentist causes you stress and anxiety, our sedation dentistry methods can help put you at ease while receiving care. Here are a few points on how it works and if it may help you on your next visit.

When Sedation May Be Necessary

Sedation dentistry is a tool that helps patients who suffer from debilitating anxiety or other factors have a comfortable trip to the dentist. Some people may have had a traumatic experience at the dentist that may cause feelings of anxiety about another trip. Our experienced team works hard to ensure that thoroughly addressing your concerns before your appointment helps put you at ease. 

Another situation where you may need sedation is if there is a physical reason that prevents you from having a comfortable experience. For instance, some people have uncontrollable gag reflexes that can make it difficult for professionals to use the instruments they need for an appointment. Sedation can help relax the patient and is typically administered by nitrous oxide gas.

Sedation Methods

The nature of your sedation dentistry technique depends on several factors. First, the reason for your visit can determine if sedation is necessary. For instance, procedures such as root canals and fillings often need numbing agents to reduce pain, and sedation via oral injection is commonly the method of choice. In other cases, sedation gas like nitrous oxide can be delivered through a tank and inhaled by the patient.

Let Us Help

Our dedicated team is committed to your comfort and providing you with high-quality oral care. If going to the dentist makes you nervous, we are here to ease your concerns. The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our experts to help address your needs. Please call our loris office today at 843-756-2273.


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