How Sedation Dentistry Can Address Anxiety and Provide Good Oral Health

sedation dentistry Dentophobia, a fear of the dentist, is a condition that can cause intense fears surrounding dental visits and dental procedures. If you’re someone with severe dental anxiety or dentophobia, there’s no need to feel shame. In fact, in the United States, over 10% of adults have a classified ‘extreme fear’.

If you’re someone who has avoided going to the dentist for either a routine checkup or even for necessary procedures, sedation dentistry may be able to promote proper oral health while not affecting your anxiety.

Why Going to the Dentist Is Necessary 

From routine checkups to necessary oral procedures, going to the dentist is necessary. If you’re experiencing oral pain, or have noticed the symptoms of oral disease such as bad breath, loose teeth, or oral bleeding, you need to go to an oral health specialist.

Even if the circumstances aren’t urgent. Routine checkups are a vital part of good oral health. Visits to the dentist can help prevent serious complications and address deficiencies in your at-home oral care.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Do? 

At Carolina Dental Care, we recognize the importance of dental care. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry: A way for those who are anxious about their visit to still receive treatment.

Sedation dentistry utilizes various methods to help keep you calm and anxiety-free during your visit. These can be anesthetic means or analgesic medications such as diazepam which will not render you unconscious.

How We Do Sedation Dentistry at Carolina Dental Care

Our dentists are proud to offer a variety of sedation that best serve you and your needs. Sedation can come in many different forms and functions. From inhaled minimal sedation, which causes a relaxed state that wears off quickly allowing you to drive yourself home, to a deep sedation that has you unconscious for the duration of your procedure.

The decision of which sedation is right for you will come at the end of a consultation that examines you and your needs. Rest assured that our dentists will work with you to find the best sedation method possible.

At Carolina Dental Care we have always been dedicated to providing safe and effective dental care to the people we are fortunate to serve in Loris, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

Our team has dentists who are board-certified and will take the time to answer any questions and soothe your fears. You can schedule a consultation or if you’d like to speak over the phone, call us at 843-756-2273.


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