Starting Brushing Habits Early

Little,Beautiful,African,Girl,Brushing,Teeth,,Healthy,Concept Did you know that babies need their teeth brushed? It’s a good idea to start cleaning them with a baby toothbrush as soon as those first tiny teeth erupt. Early brushing is a key part of pediatric dentistry, supporting your child’s oral hygiene and cavity prevention.

To help you give your little one a head start on their dental care, here are some suggestions for instilling brushing habits early!

Talk To Your Dentist as Soon as Baby Teeth Erupt

Babies should see a dentist within six months after their first tooth erupts and by no later than age 1. The dentist will assess their teeth, ensure proper development, and give you tips for caring for their oral health as more teeth emerge.

Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Children who are more involved in their oral hygiene routine are more likely to stay consistent. Rather than making brushing feel like a chore, make it fun! You can:

  • Let your child pick out their own toothbrush in their favorite color or featuring their favorite character.
  • Use toothpaste for kids with fun designs and more fluoride to support strong teeth.
  • Set a timer to make brushing feel like a game. Two minutes is the limit!
  • Read children’s books about dental hygiene.
  • Let kids practice bruising on their stuffed animals.
  • Brush the dog or cat’s teeth together and talk about how important it is to have a clean mouth.

Model Good Brushing Habits

Your child looks to you as a role model. This means you can help set a good example when it comes to their oral hygiene. Show your kid how excited you are to brush and take care of your teeth, and invite them to brush with you every morning and night.

Reward Good Behavior

When your child is consistent with brushing, praise them for their efforts. You can also consider giving them a prize or even a gift from the tooth fairy for taking such good care of their teeth.

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