Will Wearing a Mouthguard at Night Affect My Sleep?

mouthguard Mouthguards will often be given to dental patients who constantly grind their teeth at night or find themselves suffering from TMJ symptoms or headaches upon waking up in the morning. These symptoms can be a sign that bruxism, or the grinding and clenching of the teeth, occurs while you sleep. Mouthguards can make a huge difference when it comes to the prevention of these actions while a patient sleeps at night, but many people wonder, “Will wearing a nightguard affect my sleeping habits?

Learn about the top three benefits of wearing a mouthguard at night to find out!

A mouthguard can improve your sleeping patterns!

Believe it or not, many patients who suffer from bruxism can experience frequent tension headaches because of the pressure applied in their mouth while sleeping with their jaw clenched for nearly eight hours at night. This can cause headaches that prevent patients from focusing on work or enjoying their day. By wearing a mouthguard while sleeping and preventing bruxism, these headaches can be eliminated, allowing for not only better sleep at night but also for patients to feel fully rested the next day.

A mouthguard can be custom-fitted to your mouth.

Many people who are apprehensive about wearing a mouthguard at night can be concerned about the way it fits and its comfort in their mouth when sleeping. Luckily, at Carolina Dental Care, we provide custom-made mouthguards to patients who need a more personalized mouthguard treatment. Because your mouthguard will be perfectly fitted to your bite and teeth, it should sit comfortably within your mouth, allowing for little to no discomfort while sleeping.

A mouthguard can prevent TMJ.

Bruxism can lead to an oral conditon called TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This order involves the dysfunction of the joint that connects the jaw to the skull as a result of constant tooth grinding and jaw clenching. With a comfortable mouthguard on each night, bruxism will be avoided and allow patients to avoid developing symptoms of TMJ.

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